The Bear-Season 2


A young chef from the fine dining world comes home to Chicago to run his family sandwich shop after a heartbreaking death in his family. A world away from what he's used to, Carmy must balance the soul-crushing realities of small business ownership, his strong-willed and recalcitrant kitchen staff, and his strained familial relationships, all while grappling with the impact of his brother's suicide. As Carmy fights to transform both the shop and himself, he works alongside a rough-around-the-edges kitchen crew that ultimately reveals itself as his chosen family.

Cast & Crew

Release Date:

22 Jun-2023

Run Time:

10 episodes

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The best TV show of the year!

Have you ever wondered what Whiplash but for chefs is like? You would get the Bear. I've had the weirdest experience with this show. Back in 2022, I started watching this show and honestly did not get why it was a "masterpiece". Season 1 was quite great but I wouldn't classify it as a "masterpiece". However, Season 2 is quite literally the most perfect season I've seen in quite a while. The Bear follows a young and award-winning chef who must return to his hometown, Chicago, to manage the chaotic kitchen of his deceased brother's sandwich shop. 

Ayo Edebiri (Sydney Adamu) and Jeremy Allen White (Carmen Berzatto) in The Bear Season 2 (2023)

Season 1's story was quite good but not as good as Season 2. Season 2 offered much more complexity in the story and the characters. The writing is much better and the family drama is amped up by a mile! Season 1 felt like it was laying the blueprints for what is a masterpiece of a show! Overall, the story was better, more emotional, and much more chaotic in the best way possible! Speaking of chaos, this show portrays the hard parts of being a chef and balancing the normal life with the chef life. Believe me when I say that when things get chaotic, you're in for one hell of a ride! How the cooking sequences are shot and the choice of music made those sequences truly stress-inducing and kept me on the edge of my seat. 

Ebon Moss-Bachrach (Richard Jerimovich)  in The Bear Season 2 (2023)

The episodes that truly stood out here were the final episode of Season 1 and E6 and 7 in Season 2. Those are some of the best episodes in TV history and this is why I love this show this much! Finally, I have to praise the performances here. Jermey Allan White was a powerhouse! He's a perfect fit for tragic characters and masterfully perfected his role! Ayo Edebiri was phenomenal in her role! The rest of the cast did an amazing job too! Oh, and Season 2 has some fun guests that’ll surely put a big smile on your face! "The Bear" is not only the best show of the year but it's one of my favorite shows ever. Trust me, you won't regret watching this masterpiece.