Baby Reindeer


Dealing with a female stalker, a man is forced to face a dark, buried trauma.

Cast & Crew

Release Date:

11 Apr-2024

Run Time:

7 Episodes

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A dark TV Show that's full of twists!

If you've been looking at your feed recently, you can notice the unstoppable gossip around "Baby Reindeer". I entered the show with 0 expectations and came out shocked! "Baby Reindeer" follows a man who is forced to face a dark, buried trauma while dealing with a female stalker.

Richard Gadd (Donny) in Baby Reindeer (2024)

What made this show so gripping was its deep and complex character study and its shocking story. The show tackled important themes such as trauma and sexual abuse. It's rare to see these kinds of sensitive themes tackled nowadays and I have to applaud Richard Gadd for that. All of that will certainly leave you with an uneasy feeling by the end of it. At its core, the show is about its characters which are Donny and Martha and let me just say that there's an excellent and very complex character study here. 

Jessica Gunning (Martha) in Baby Reindeer (2024)

Last but not least, I have to praise Richard Gadd's masterful and powerful performance here. The courage of this guy is insane and to be able to re-act those traumatic events just proves how important this story is to him to tell. Jessica Gunning delivered an equally masterful performance as Martha. By now I'd say you're confused as to why I gave this show an 8. The only thing that didn't work at least for me in my opinion is the length of the episodes. I think the show could have benefitted from having longer episodes which would make the drama breathe and work better. Despite all that I still enjoyed this sad and dark tale and I think everyone should watch this on Netflix as soon as possible!